Enter your phone number to check how many stamps you have.




Coffee Stamp is about doing away with traditional coffee cards.


Store your stamps online and redeem free coffees when it suits you.


Simply enter your phone number into the iPad at supporting Coffee Stamp cafes, grab a stamp, and you’re done!


Coffee Stamp is about keeping it simple.

Why Coffee Stamp ?

The message from all the good people in coffee drinking land was loud and clear…



So that’s what we did. 

The days of rummaging around in your bag are over. No more coffee cards cluttering up your wallet. 


With Coffee Stamp all you need is your phone number.


And, we liked the idea of saving some trees.


Nick name :

Phone :

Email :

Using ‘Coffee Stamp’ is easy…

Join at your local cafe

Nick name :

Phone :

Email : (optional if you want free stuff)

Thats all we need and your good to go, and you’ll be emailed a free coffee voucher to get you started.

Emails optional if you want free stuff

Let the stamps begin !

1.) Buy your coffee…

2.) Enter your phone number into the iPad 

3.) Grab a stamp, or two…

That’s it.

Now, Redeem your free coffee when your ready, and check back here any time to view your stamps.

Where is 

All Robert Harris Cafe’s throughout New Zealand are using Coffee Stamp.


Coffee Stamp for your business ?

Absolutely. The more businesses offering Coffee Stamp the better.

Customers never have to join twice and there’s instant recognition.

Coffee Stamp is available for independent cafe’s and food businesses, right through to networked franchises